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BICOCCA FOR PEACE offers 12 scholarships for students from Ukraine or holders of international protection

Applications can be submitted within 19 July 2022 using the appropriate online form.

It includes multiple sections to be filled in alternately depending on the characteristics of the candidate. The last 17 sections concern the degree courses offered by our University, organized by subject area and by level, to guide candidates through our didactic offer.

The initiative provides  for 10 scholarships to support students of Ukrainian nationality or students with international protection in Ukraine, fleeing the country due to the war, plus 2 scholarships to support female students with international protection in Italy.

The full text of the call and the application form are available on the Bicocca per la pace page and on the English version Bicocca for peace.


Professors and admin. personnel:

please provide for appropriate dissemination of this information and write to the dedicated account  for a follow up with interested students.